During your NWTA, you were guided deep down inside yourself in order to meet your shadows and come out stronger, more sovereign and free. Your heart was filled with gratitude for those men that stood beside you during your journey of initiation as a New Warrior!

  • Now you believe in the magic of facing your shadows!
  • You believe that working in an I-Group is sacred and you want to honour it!
  • You want a powerful circle for the work that you and your brothers do!
  • You want to hold space for your brothers as men do for you!

This training is for you and your I-Group brothers! Immerse yourself deep inside the magician’s energy!

  • Master the keys elements of facilitation;
  • Develop warrior listening skills;
  • Bring men into their heart by speaking from your heart;
  • Honour the silence to allow the shadows to emerge;
  • Interrupt consciously as guardian of space;
  • Develop the art of reflection;
  • Inspire responses from the heart through questions that emerge from it;


It is the art of directing a process in which a man face his shadows and discovers a deeper truth about himself, others and the world.

What is IGFT?

IGFT is a new advanced training for mastering the art of facilitating. It gives you more tools to support men’s work. You will have the opportunity to practice your facilitation skills in eight processes as a facilitator, participant and observer.

Where: Camp Providence Point(81km South-West Ottawa)
251 Providence Point Lane, Lanark, ON, K0G 1K

When : August 23-25, 2019.
Diner at 5h30 and training start at 6h30. Ends Sunday around 4 pm.

Cost : $275 CAD before June (then $300 CAD). Sponsor price $350 CAD (help other men attend!)

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More information (including subsidy inquiries): 
· MKP Quebec: eric.pedno@gmail.com
· MKP Ontario: dave.uez@gmail.com