The NWTA is only the beginning of the journey. Real work begins when an initiated man returns to his environment. The man experiences a transformation during the NWTA, and his entourage discovers a transformed man.

The journey continues!

The PIT is offered to all warrior brothers.

The objective of this training:

  • Learn and practice a variety of skills to be effective in I-Groups and in your personal development.
  • To become a better brother, a better man in the world.
  • Open yourself to more integrity, responsibility, truth, emotion and clarity in your individual mission.

After completing PIT training, men can have a greater impact on their families, friends and communities.

The aim of the PIT is to give people the tools, skills and self-awareness they need to continue their personal growth in I-Groups, other MKP activities and for the rest of their lives.

PIT – Primary Integration Training – September 2024


Include accomodations and training.

Meals: Participants will be collectively responsible for the organization and preparation of meals. Further information will be provided at a later stage.

To bring: sleeping bag or bedding set, talisman, shoes for inside and outside, toiletries, pillow to sit on, indoor/outdoor clothing. Musical instrument, rattle, drum.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 24 men (+ 2 on the waiting list).

Coordinator: To be determined

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From friday september 6th to sunday february 8th 2024

Domaine scout St-Louis-de-France

1295 Chemin des Pins, Trois-Rivières, QC, G8W 2K1, Canada