Guys, do you remember your childhood dreams? You wanted to be a firefighter, an astronaut, a race driver, an aviator, an adventurer, a hero …

Remember that feeling, that energy when you threw yourself body and soul into what really fascinated you! Remember that powerful rush when you were playing the knight, when you fought against dragons!

Yes, I know, it didn’t turn out as planned for me either. Little by little, like you, I have been trained in a system that needs mostly workers and has nothing to do with heroes. Yet you feel it too, somewhere inside, the hero is still there, refusing to give up. Do you hear him roaring inside you?

Formerly, long before men wrote history, we lived together in tribes. Back then, men and women lived that perfect synergy together that exists when hearts are connected, when eyes tell the truth. These men, these warriors that we once were, knew how to live their emotions, to honor them and share them with their wives, with their children and with their brothers in the tribe.

In those days, men were in contact with nature and had rites of passage. When young men got to the brink of adulthood, the men of the tribe took them to the forest to live an intense TRAINING ADVENTURE. When they returned to the tribe, a new light shone in their eyes: they had become men.

Sanitary instruction : MKP Quebec wishes to take care of everyone's health and concerns and wishes to minimize the risks of becoming a vector of transmission of the virus. We ask all participants who have symptoms to take a Covid test one hour before leaving for the event; if the result is positive, notify us via messenger (MKP Québec) or email and stay at home. When you return home, we strongly suggest that you retest to protect your loved ones, if necessary.  Thank you for your understanding.

NWTA – New Warrior Training Adventure – October 2023


The Workshop will be in French

Regular price : 800 $

Early-birds : 750 $, if registered before august 18th 2023

If you choose to cancel, the deposit (200$) will not be refund.

Paiment agreement available; Check the box in the next page.

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From Friday october 13th 2023, 18h00

To Sunday october 15th 2023, 16h00

And Sunday october 29th from 13h00 to 17h00 (to be confirmed)

Location :

Domaine Scout Saint-Louis de France

1295 Chem. des Pins, Trois-Rivières, QC, G8W 2K1, Canada