Do you and other people around you want to:
- Be a “reference person” to facilitate inner work?
- Support men who work to go further in complete safety?
- Help them learn from their work and chart positive paths for the future?
- See how powerful your circle can be?

Then IGFT is exactly what you are looking for!

Learn key facilitation skills: Speak to be understood; Use silence to open blocked paths; Meet people where they are people where they are; use thoughtful interruption to stay on track; check & clarify ; ask powerful powerful questions.
Learn to show up: Authentic, self-aware, outrageously curious, compassionate, non-judgmental, intuitive, sensitive to surroundings and surroundings. judgmental, intuitive, confident and open to feedback.
Deliver & Experience five key facilitation processes: The Inner Child (ongoing issues); Look who's speaking (decisional conflicts & shadow voices); the person in the mirror (clarifications, projections & blocked energy); and Owning Your Gold.
Experience deeper work, greater connection with other participants, and greater confidence in contributing to your I-Group. contribute to your I-Group. Really great training!

Prerequisites: At the time of training, participants must have one of the following three conditions:
(1) Regular participation in an I-Group for more than one year, and approval from a group member.
(2) Diploma of the Initiatory Adventure of New Warriors
(3) Graduate of the Warrior Within (WW) program.

Price :
- “Early Bird” price (if payment is made before July 31) is $335. Otherwise, full price is $360.
- If you have already taken a GIFT or IGFT course, you receive a reduced rate of $300 if you pay before July 31 and $325 if you pay later. July 31 and $325 after that date.
- A limited number of grants are available. Find out if this will make a difference to you

Location: Camp Merrywood, near Port Elmsley ON
We will sleep in bunk beds and bring our own sheets and towels.
Times: Starts at 7:00 p.m. on Friday November 1st and ends at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday November 3rd.
Priority: Men from Ontario and Quebec will have priority until July 31 (deadline for early registration).

Comments from participants of previous Canadian IGFTs:
- Wow, that was amazing.
- What a magnificent weekend, breathtaking for the mind and the heart!
- Unlike all the other training I have followed. I learned tons of things!
- I did more, I put more energy, I got more than I expected, than I imagined! People
shared amazing parts of themselves.
- Great shared your different energies and approaches and modeled a bunch of different possibilities for us.
different possibilities for us.
- Intense, deep connections and joy, without a doubt one of the strongest experiences of my life.

IGFT – I-Group Facilitation Training – November 2024

Original price was: $360,00.Current price is: $335,00.

Include accomodations and training.

Meals: Participants will be collectively responsible for the organization and preparation of meals. Further information will be provided at a later stage.

To bring: sleeping bag or bedding set, talisman, shoes for inside and outside, toiletries, pillow to sit on, indoor/outdoor clothing. Musical instrument, rattle, drum.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 24 men (+ 2 on the waiting list).

Coordinator: Jay Kassirer or (613) 224-3800.

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From friday september 1th to sunday november 3th 2024

Camp Merrywood, near Port Elmsley

741 Port Elmsley Rd, Perth, ON K7H 3C7