Gender Inclusive Facilitation Training MKP-Québec Virtual Facilitation Training Starts May 1, 2021

Gender Inclusive Facilitation Training MKP-Québec Virtual Facilitation Training Starts May 1, 2021

Facilitating the inner transformation of others makes you vibrate deeply?

Are you All-In to allow yourself to be facilitated in a process of inner transformation in order to allow others to step into their Facilitator and you never say no to an opportunity to transform yourself?

Are you drawn to connect with a mixed container of women, men and non-gendered?

A unique opportunity to learn and own your Facilitation skills. This facilitation training is open to all genders and is aimed at anyone over the legal age who will use these facilitation skills. You will learn powerful processes to facilitate inner work.

This will be our 6th Canadian GIFT and it will be:

  • Gender-Inclusive, with the goal to have roughly half of the participants and half of the staff who self-identify as women, trans or non-binary. 
  • Open to all participants, with no prerequisite for participants to have done any previous related trainings through MKP. 
  • Equivalent to an IGFT – you will learn the same skills and processes. For men in MKP who take this training, it will qualify as an IGFT for the purposes of MKP next level trainings.
  • Virtual, with multiple instruction staff of various genders connecting in from across Canada, after having just completed three similar GIFT trainings this past year.

Participant Comments from our first two virtual GIFTs:

  • Wow That was amazing. I loved the online format.
  • The virtual nature of the experience made it still incredibly real.
  • Wow, what a beautiful, mind and heart blowing weekend!
  • Unlike any other training I’ve taken. Learned a TON!!! 
  • I did more, put more energy into it all, got more out than I expected, than I imagined! People shared amazing parts of themselves.
  • Awe-inspiring staff …  you shared your different energies and approaches and modelled a bunch of different possibilities for us.
  • I loved seeing the masculine and feminine weaving the knowledge together.  
  • Intense, deep connections and joy, definitely one of the peak experiences of my life.

Do you and others in your circle want to:

  • Be a “go-to-person” for facilitating inner work?
  • Experience just how powerful your circle can be?

Then the GIFT is exactly what you’re looking for!

  • Time:  
  • Sat. May 1: 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern Time
  • Sun. May 2: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time
  • Wed. May 5: 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm Eastern Time
  • Fri. May 7: 7:00 pm to 10:30 pm Eastern Time
  • Sat. May 8: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Eastern Time
  • Prerequisite: You are expected to be part of an I-group or some sort of empowerment circle, or about to start one.
  • Pricing
    • $ 275 regular price
    • $ 225 before April 18
    • $ 175 for actual graduate of a GIFT or IGFT before April 18 ($ 225 after)
  • A limited number of subsidies are available 
Regular price ($275) :

Regular former Gift/IGFT ($225):

Regular price registred before April 18 ($225) :

Regular former Gift/IGFT registred before April 18 ($175):

 What you will experience and learn: 

  • Learn Key Facilitation Skills: Speak to be understood; Use silence to open blocked paths; Meet people where they are; Use mindful Interruption to stay on track; Verify & Clarify; Ask powerful questions.  
  • Learn to Show UpAuthentic, Self-Aware, Outrageously Curious, Compassionate, Non-Judgmental, Intuitive, Confident and Open to Feedback.  
  • Deliver & Experience Five Facilitation Processes: 
    • Inner Child (ongoing issues);
    • Look Who’s Talking (decision conflicts & shadow voices);
    • Person in the Mirror (clearings, projections & blaming others);
    • Symbol Extraction (stuck energy);
    • and Owning Your Gold (self-doubt.)     

Experience deep work, greater connection to other participants and more confidence to contribute to your I-Group / empowerment circle.  A truly awesome training!

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